Our musicians

First Violins

Larry Kohorn*, Concertmaster

Ingrid Burger*

Justin Hamilton

Jakub Hlávka*

Robert Matsuda

Monica Minden 

Allison Pike

Paula Yoo

Second Violins

Johana Krejčí, Principal

Cindy Bandel

Matt Brislawn

Michael Chwe

George Goldberg

Celina Nishioka

Open Seat

Open Seat


Becky Rodman, Principal

Noah Bell

Kirk Hunter

Kathryn Lee

Phillip Ong*

Mary Nabours

Dee Dee Panero

Open Seat


Caroline Coward*, Principal

Paul Dolid

Gillian Espinoza

Cordis Gilliam

Becky Heninger

Elizabeth Levin Pittel

Tom Lloyd*

Agnes K. Nagy


Chien Chien Lee, Principal

John Graves

Yury Nedelin

Jeff Schwartz


Susan Greenberg*

Amanda Fuerst


Fred Beerstein

Open Seat


Lisa Kohorn*

Mandy Fey


Daniel Goldblum

Open Seat


George Gelles

Open Seat


Paul Salvo

Steven Ravaglioli


Open Seat 

* denotes members of the VCO Artistic Committee

Interested in joining?

Consisting of predominantly volunteer musicians, the Vicente Chamber Orchestra is highly selective in its membership. While many of our members pursue vocations other than music, each finds the time to practice and rehearse with the Vicente Chamber Orchestra. Rehearsals with the VCO are usually clustered a few weeks before each concert and last 2.5 hours. 

If you are interested in joining the orchestra, please send a link to a YouTube video of your solo playing on your instrument (at least 2 minutes long, not edited). This does not need to be a professional recording but should showcase your technical and musical abilities. 

Please note that orchestra capacity is limited and we may not be immediately able to consider your application. 

Thank you for your interest!