We perform for you and appreciate your support

Since our founding, the VCO has been supported by generous individuals and foundations, and our performances would not be possible without them. The Vicente Chamber Orchestra is a project of Fulcrum Arts’s Emerge Program. Fulcrum Arts is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Please consider making a donation.  Please contact us by e-mail if you would like to discuss details of your support. 

Thank you for supporting the arts and making our mission possible! 

Our Generous Donors

Ingrid Burger

Henry and Queence Choi

Caroline Coward

Maryann and Paul Cummins

Mari and Ed Edelman Foundation

George Ferris III

Christine Garvey 

George Goldberg

Susan Norman Greenberg

Tom Grogan 

The Arjun Gupta Family Foundation 

Dr. Robert Hamilton

Jakub Hlávka  

Vera Hirtz

Myong Ja and Ri Hoon Hur

Tina and John Hur

Claire Hur and Shane Sato

Kazumi Imasaki 

Adam Karasik 

Annette and James Kim

Carina and Doojin Kim

Jenny Kim 

Larry and Lisa Kohorn

Lee Anav 

Chung White & Kim

Sarah and Peter Mandell 

Richard Riordan Foundation

Becky Rodman

Dan and Anne Simon

Jacqueline Suzuki 

Anna Hur

Zain Khan

(updated June 2019)

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