At what age and how did you choose your instrument?

I chose to play trumpet in 5th grade at the age of 10.  My father was a professional trumpet player who was a strong influence.  I always heard great playing and fantastic music at home.  I was fortunate to have very fine music teachers in elementary, middle and junior high school and had very fine private teachers along the musical journey through my attendance in College at U.S.C.

What is your full-time profession and how do you balance it with other commitments?

I have a dual career.  I am a real estate broker in Malibu and a professional trumpet player.  Both evolved over the years.  I just retired from 27 years of teaching music in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District.  Music and the real estate business naturally balance as they both require daily serious attention.

What does chamber music mean to you?

To play in a sensitive and balanced fashion in order to support the musicians in the orchestra and convey the music of the particular composer.

What motivated you to join the VCO?

I was motivated to play in the VCO to work under Zain and work with other serious musicians who are a pleasure to work with and get to know on a personal level, which makes the musical experience even more meaningful.

Do you have any advice for young musicians?

Practice every day.  Listen to great musicians on your particular instrument and attend as many live concerts as possible.  Learn from the best and seek out a mentor who can motivate and excite you.

Updated October 2019.